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    * sync from 1:3.4.2-9~exp1 · 3dd601ae
    Sylvestre Ledru authored
    * libclang-3.5.so should be used instead libclang.so. Update the soname
      to match the new lib name (Closes: #759538)
    * Rename liblldb.so to liblldb-3.5.so + update of the soname.
    * python-clang-3.5 description updated
    * liblldb-3.5 and python-lldb-3.5 added
    * lldb-3.5-dev renamed to liblldb-3.5-dev to match the previous changes
    * Manpages for llvm-ranlib, clang-apply-replacements, pp-trace and clang-tidy
    * clang-3.5 should depends on binutils (for ld, at least)
      (Closes: #751030)
    * Try to bring back lldb-3.4-dev on mips & mipsel (Closes: #758314)
    * Upload in unstable
    * Try to bring back lldb on mips & mipsel
    * Force scan-build to use the same version of clang
    * Try to fix hurd (hurd-EIEIO-undef.diff)
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