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    * New snapshot release · 18c9c055
    Sylvestre Ledru authored
    * d/p/0011-SimplifyCFG-Hoisting-invalidates-metadata.patch: Also apply bug 29163
      to fix some issues in rust (Closes: #842956)
      Many thanks to Ximin Luo for the investigation
    * libclang-common-4.0-dev: missing multilib binaries for the sanitizer
      libraries (Closes: #841923)
      Many thanks to Norbert Lange for the changes
    * d/p/clang-fix-cmpxchg8-detection-on-i386.patch:
      libcxx atomic tests for old i386 fail with wrong Atomic inline width.
      Needed for libc++
      (See https://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=19355)
    * d/p lldb-addversion-suffix-to-llvm-server-exec.patch:
      Fix the lldb-server call in some cases
    * LLVMConfig.cmake was installed into wrong location
      Install a symlink from lib/cmake/llvm to share/llvm/cmake
      (Closes: #839234)
    * Fix a path issue in scan-view. Thanks Riccardo Magliocchetti
      (Closes: #838572)
    * The libstdc++-6-dev & libobjc-6-dev are only install with clang-X.Y
      and libclang-X.Y-dev and no longer with libclang1-X.Y
      (Closes: #841309)
    * Team upload
    * d/p/drop-wrong-hack-arm64.patch:
      - drop hack that was preventing the package from building on
        non-amd64 64bit architectures: