Commit 4d0a1e4e authored by Sylvestre Ledru's avatar Sylvestre Ledru

add some debug info

parent e498c3cd
......@@ -698,10 +698,14 @@ endif
# PATH=$(CURDIR)/:$$PATH dh_strip -p liblld-$(LLVM_VERSION) --dbg-package=liblld-$(LLVM_VERSION)-dbg
# endif
ifeq ($(shell dpkg --compare-versions $(shell dpkg-query -W -f '$${Version}' binutils) lt 2.31.1-11 ; echo $$?),0)
: # building with clang, binutils/strip has hard time stripping some libs because of
: #
: # use llvm-strip instead
: # Workaround some issues with stripping by using llvm's
if test ! -f $(CURDIR)/strip; then \
ln -s $(CURDIR)/debian/llvm-$(LLVM_VERSION)/usr/lib/llvm-$(LLVM_VERSION)/bin/llvm-strip $(CURDIR)/strip; \
ls -al $(CURDIR)/debian/.debhelper/*/dbgsym-root/usr/lib/debug/.build-id/*/* || true
: # strip segfaults on libFuzzer.a and other libs
PATH=$(CURDIR)/:$$PATH LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(DEB_INST)/usr/lib/llvm-$(LLVM_VERSION)/lib/:/usr/lib/*/libfakeroot dh_strip -a -v
: # Remove the workaround
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