Commit e29bc92a authored by Sylvestre Ledru's avatar Sylvestre Ledru

Fix the syntax to enable thinlto

parent 6f0fdafc
......@@ -222,7 +222,8 @@ ifneq (,$(filter $(DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS),linux))
# Use thinlto for the link phase
if test ! "$DISTRO" = "stretch" -a ! "$DISTRO" = "xenial" -a ! "$DISTRO" = "trusty"; then
THIN_UNSUPPORTED_DISTRO := stretch xenial trusty
ifeq (,$(filter $(DISTRO), $(THIN_UNSUPPORTED_DISTRO)))
# Don't enable for old distros
......@@ -263,6 +264,7 @@ preconfigure:
@echo "DISTRO=$(DISTRO)"
for f in debian/*.in; do \
f2=$$(echo $$f | sed 's/\.in$$//;s/X\.Y/$(LLVM_VERSION)/'); \
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