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    Add python-yaml as dep for clang-tidy (Closes: #890514) · 30962b2e
    Sylvestre Ledru authored
    * Add python-yaml as dep for clang-tidy (Closes: #890514)
    * Make CMake find_package(Clang) work. Fixes upstream bug
      - Move Clang*.cmake back to /usr/lib/llvm-X.Y/lib/cmake/clang and install a
        symlink in /usr/lib/cmake/clang-X.Y.
      - Ensure that the LLVM installation prefix is correctly discovered despire
        symlinks (replaces fix-cmake-config-prefix.diff).
      - Create /usr/lib/llvm-X.Y/bin/clang-X.Y symlink as required by
      - Remove useless LLVM_CMAKE_DIR sed command that did not match anything.
      - Ignore missing binaries in ClangTargets-relwithdebinfo.cmake.
    * New snapshot release
    * Fix a typo in the debci
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