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Update the README with instructions for getting the latest code in Windows,

among other cleanups.
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......@@ -14,27 +14,31 @@ Using
In Windows
o Get the latest code;a=snapshot;h=HEAD;sf=tgz
o Install Python2.5, PyQt4, and py2exe
o You can compile the ui file by doing:
o Compiling an exe:
pyuic4 data\logoed.ui -o liveusb\
python -OO py2exe
o Compile the PyQt resources
o If you change the QtDesigner ui file, you can compile it by doing:
pyrcc4 data\resources.qrc -o liveusb\
pyuic4 data\logoed.ui -o liveusb\
o Compiling an exe:
o If you add more PyQt resources (pixmaps, icons, etc), you can rebuild
the resources module by running:
python -OO py2exe
pyrcc4 data\resources.qrc -o liveusb\
This tool is distributed with the following open source software, each of
which remains under their original license:
This tool is distributed with the following open source software
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