1. 27 Apr, 2008 3 commits
  2. 26 Apr, 2008 6 commits
  3. 25 Apr, 2008 6 commits
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      LiveUSBCreator class enhancements · 56f0f8df
      Luke Macken authored
      - New getReleases and getReleaseFromISO methods to deal with our known releases
      - Add existingLiveOS, getLiveOS, existingOverlay, and getOverlay helper methods
      - Add verifyImage method that verifies the SHA1 checksum of our ISO
      - Lots of other semantic cleanups
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      Tons of features: · 2e52562d
      Luke Macken authored
      - Add the ability to download releases!
      - Add the ability to verify the SHA1 checksum for ISOs that we know about,
        along with a progress monitoring
      - Display how long the liveusb creation took upon completion
      - Display device labels in our drive list
        - Add a getSelectedDrive method to handle grabbing just the selected drive letter.
      - Clean up how we lock/unlock our widgets
      - Detect if a LiveOS or persistent overlay already exist, and warn the user asking
        for their confirmation before continuing.
      - By default, if no ISO is selected, kick off a download
      - Add the ability to resume failed downloads
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      Handle read-only files in our syslinux directory. · f1cd85c3
      Luke Macken authored
      Since python for windows does not allow you to delete read-only files, we have to change the permissions on them if necessary.
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      Add a LiveUSBError exception · 3f92a2ee
      Luke Macken authored
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      Pull our releases out into a separate module · 2cd5f1a6
      Luke Macken authored
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