Commit 6ccc2cc4 authored by SZ Lin (林上智)'s avatar SZ Lin (林上智)

Remove patch which was merged in upstream

parent e448e882
Description: Fix spelling errors
Author: Sophie Brun <>
Last-Update: 2018-07-05
This patch header follows DEP-3:
--- a/doc/openvas-nasl.1
+++ b/doc/openvas-nasl.1
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ Set KB key to vaue. Can be used multiple
NASL comes from a private project called 'pkt_forge', which was written in late 1998 by Renaud Deraison and which was an interactive shell to forge and send raw IP packets (this pre-dates Perl's Net::RawIP by a couple of weeks). It was then extended to do a wide range of network-related operations and integrated into Nessus as 'NASL'.
The parser was completely hand-written and a pain to work with. In Mid-2002, Michel Arboi wrote a bison parser for NASL, and he and Renaud Deraison re-wrote NASL from scratch. Although the "new" NASL was nearly working as early as
-August 2002, Michel's lazyness made us wait for early 2003 to have it working completely.
+August 2002, Michel's laziness made us wait for early 2003 to have it working completely.
Most of the engine is (C) 2003 Michel Arboi, most of the built-in functions
--- a/misc/radius.c
+++ b/misc/radius.c
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ radius_init (const char *hostname, const
if (rc_read_dictionary (rh, RC_DICTIONARY_FILE) != 0)
- g_warning ("radius_init: Couldn't read the dictionnary file %s",
+ g_warning ("radius_init: Couldn't read the dictionary file %s",
goto radius_init_fail;
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