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Scalpel is a complete rewrite of the Foremost 0.69 file carver.  This
version of Scalpel reads Foremost 0.69 configuration files--see the
default configuration file, scalpel.conf, for more details.

Important note: The default configuration file has all supported file
patterns commented out--you must edit this before before running

More details on execution options can be found in the Scalpel man
page, "scalpel.1".

Currently supported operating systems:  Linux, Windows, Mac OS X.

If you decide to compile Scalpel on win32, you'll need to install
pthreads-win32 and hack the Makefile to reflect where you've installed
the pthreads include and lib directories.  If you want to run Scalpel
on win32 w/o these hassles, just use the win32 executable that's
provided in the distribution.


Linux:    make

Win32:    make win32 [or mingw32-make win32]

Mac OS X: make bsd

and enjoy.  If you want to install the binary and man page in a more
permanent place, just copy "scalpel" and "scalpel.1" to appropriate
locations, e.g., on Linux,  "/usr/local/bin" and "/usr/local/man/man1", 
respectively.  On Windows, you'll also need to copy "pthreadGC1.dll"
into the same directory as "scalpel.exe".


Carving Windows physical and logical device files (e.g.,
\\.\physicaldrive0 or \\.\c:) isn't currently supported, but will be supported
in a future release.  


Bug reports, comments, complaints, and feature requests should be
directed to the author at

The latest version of Scalpel is always available at