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    xpp: can use modern Asterisk hotplug support · f11b9376
    Oron Peled authored
    * New asynchronous behavior is used only when two conditions are met:
      - Finding new $ASTERISK_SUPPORTS_DAHDI_HOTPLUG=yes in /etc/dahdi/init.conf
        This should be set only when Asterisk support hotplug and configured
        to use it (no_failed_channels==1).
      - DAHDI auto_assign_spans==0
    * Adapt /usr/share/dahdi/astribank_hook:
      - Refactor old twinstar behavior into functions
      - Add new behavior in a function (just enable the Asrribank watchdog)
      - Call the correct function.
    * Adapt init script:
      If asynchronous behavior is on, don't wait for all Astribanks to
      finish initialization (it's enough that we saw all/some of them)
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTzafrir Cohen <tzafrir.cohen@xorcom.com>
    Acked-by: default avatarRuss Meyerriecks <rmeyerriecks@digium.com>
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