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    xpp: support per-port E1/T1 EC · 412c3f0f
    Oron Peled authored
    * Added optional '-S <span-spec>' argument to astribank_hexload:
      - Allow passing PRI span specification to EC firmware loader.
      - The span specifications is whitespace/comma separate list
        of items.
      - Each item is: <span>:<type> (Example: 3:T1)
      - The <span> may use shell-like globbing (e.g: *:E1 or [12]:T1)
      - Any span not matched in the span specification will be set
        as without the new '-S' option (i.e: depends on the '-A' option).
    * Adapted xpp_fxloader:
      - Read specification for both device label and wildcard from
      - If the result is non-empty, pass it as '-S <span-spec>' to
        the EC firmware loader.
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