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Man page for dahdi_maint

Fix dahdi_maint's usage message while we're at it.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTzafrir Cohen <>

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......@@ -53,12 +53,14 @@ void display_help(char *argv0, int exitcode)
fprintf(stderr, " -h, --help display help\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -s, --span <span num> specify the span\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -l, --loopback <localhost|networkline|"\
"\t\tlocalhost - loop back towards host\n"\
"\t\tnetworkline - network line loopback\n"\
"\t\tnetworkpayload - network payload loopback\n"\
"\t\tloopup - transmit loopup signal\n"\
"\t\tloopdown - transmit loopdown signal\n");
"\t\tloopdown - transmit loopdown signal\n"\
"\t\toff - end loopback mode\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -i, --insert <fas|multi|crc|cas|prbs|bipolar>"\
"\n\t\tinsert an error of a specific type\n");
fprintf(stderr, " -r, --reset "\
......@@ -107,10 +109,10 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
while ((c = getopt_long(argc, argv, "hj:l:p:s:i:g:r",
long_options, &option_index)) != -1) {
switch (c) {
case 'h': /* local host loopback */
case 'h':
display_help(argv[0], 0);
case 'l': /* network line loopback */
case 'l': /* loopback */
larg = optarg;
doloopback = 1;
.TH "DAHDI_MAINT" "8" "9 Sep 2011" "" ""
dahdi_maint \- Sets Dahdi spans into maintenance mode, e.g.: loopback
.B dahdi_maint \-s \fInum\fB [options]
.B dahdi_maint <\-h|\-\-help>
dahdi_maint uses the DAHDI_MAINT interface to set a Dahdi span (port
of a Dahdi adapter card) into loopback mode or similar maintenance mode.
.B \-s \-\-span \fInum\fR
The span number. Required.
.B \-l \-\-loopback <localhost|networkline|networkpayload|loopup|loopdown|off>
Loopback type. One of:
.IP localhost 4
loop back towards host
.IP networkline 4
network line loopback
.IP networkpayload 4
network payload loopback
.IP loopup 4
transmit loopup signal
.IP loopdown 4
transmit loopdown signal
.IP off 4
end loopback mode
.B \-i \-\-insert <fas|multi|crc|cas|prbs|bipolar>
Insert an error of a specific type
Enable network line loopback on span 1:
dahdi_maint -s 1 --loopback networkline
Disable network line loopback on span 1:
dahdi_maint -s 1 --loopback off
dahdi_tool(8), dahdi_cfg(8), asterisk(8).
This manual page was written by Tzafrir Cohen <>.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 any later
version published by the Free Software Foundation.
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