Commit 3122b143 authored by Shaun Ruffell's avatar Shaun Ruffell

dahdi.init: Remove reference to dahdi_dummy.

Module 'dahdi_dummy.ko' is no longer needed for DAHDI to provide timing,
therefore we can remove the explicit load of dahdi_dummy, which by
default is aliased to dahdi.ko anyway.  If you've edited the DAHDI
Kbuild file in order to build dahdi_dummy explicitly, then you should
add dahdi_dummy to /etc/dahdi/modules in order to load it, but this is
not needed for normal operation.

(issue #17959)
Reported by: glen201

git-svn-id: 17933a7a-c749-41c5-a318-cba88f637d49
parent 8eea3312
......@@ -258,11 +258,6 @@ case "$1" in
if [ ! -e /proc/dahdi/1 ]; then
echo "No hardware timing source found in /proc/dahdi, loading dahdi_dummy"
modprobe dahdi_dummy 2> /dev/null
if [ $system = debian ]; then
echo -n "Running dahdi_cfg: "
$DAHDI_CFG_CMD 2> /dev/null && echo -n "done"
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