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    Option needed for Q931_IE_TIME_DATE to be optional in CONNECT message. · 092811da
    Richard Mudgett authored
    The NEC SV8300 rejects the Q931_IE_TIME_DATE for Q.SIG.
    Add option to specify if and how much of the current time is put in
    * Send date/time ie never.
    * Send date/time ie date only.
    * Send date/time ie date and hour.
    * Send date/time ie date, hour, and minute.
    * Send date/time ie date, hour, minute, and second.
    * Send date/time ie default: Libpri will send date and hhmm only when in
    NT PTMP mode to support ISDN phones.
    (closes issue #19221)
    Reported by: kenner
    JIRA SWP-3396
    git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@2266 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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