Commit 2952e957 authored by Richard Mudgett's avatar Richard Mudgett

q931.c: Fix DISCONNECT Progress Indicator ie handling.

There are two scenarios that are exposed by DISCONNECT not initializing
the progress indicator value before processing the message when the
chan_dahdi.conf inbanddisconnect=yes option is set.

1) If a DISCONNECT comes in without a Progress Indicator ie and an earlier
message (such as SETUP-ACKNOWLEDGE or PROCEEDING) came in with the
indicator #8 (Inband audio present) then the DISCONNECT would not cause an
immediate hangup.  We would be letting the user hear the inband audio even
though there isn't any.

2) If a DISCONNECT message comes in with the indicator #8 (Inband audio
present) and then later the DISCONNECT message is repeated without a
Progress Indicator ie we would still ignore the second DISCONNECT to let
the user hear inband audio even though it likely isn't there anymore.

PRI-180 #close
Reported by: Alexandr Dranchuk

Change-Id: Ic88aafb45053146b5701d666e6212f7555573624
parent 7da3366c
......@@ -7381,6 +7381,8 @@ static int prepare_to_handle_q931_message(struct pri *ctrl, q931_mh *mh, q931_ca
c->cause = -1;
c->causecode = -1;
c->causeloc = -1;
c->progress = -1;
c->progressmask = 0;
c->aoc_units = -1;
pri_schedule_del(ctrl, c->retranstimer);
c->retranstimer = 0;
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