Commit 6078b216 authored by Richard Mudgett's avatar Richard Mudgett

Remove nul octets from IE data that is normally treated as strings.

Sometimes ie values received from carriers contain nul octets in values
normally treated by libpri as nul terminated strings.  A discussion on the
asterisk-users list determined that the best thing to do in the situation
is to delete the nul octets and unconditionally report/log when that

* Remove nul octets from the following ie's and generate an unconditional
log message to the upper layer when they are removed:
Connected Number
Connected Address
Redirecting Number
Original Called Number
Redirection Number
Called Party Number
Calling Party Number
Keypad Facility

(closes issue PRI-128)
Reported by: phsultan
      jira_pri_128.patch (license #5621) patch uploaded by rmudgett (modified)
Tested by: rmudgett

git-svn-id: 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
parent 4e7c3d14
......@@ -625,7 +625,9 @@ struct q931_call {
/*! Display text ie contents. */
struct {
/*! Display ie text. NULL if not present or consumed as remote name. */
const char *text;
const unsigned char *text;
/*! Full IE code of received display text */
int full_ie;
/*! Length of display text. */
unsigned char length;
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