Commit a50516c1 authored by Richard Mudgett's avatar Richard Mudgett

q931.c: Make always post a PRI_EVENT_KEYPAD_DIGIT if keypad digits come in an INFO message.

Q.931 Section 3.1.6 INFORMATION message.  The keypad-facility or
called-party-number ie could be used to convey called party digits.  The
keypad-facility ie can also be used to convey supplementary service

PRI-173 #close
Reported by: Gerald Schnabel
      libpri_q931_keypad_digits.patch (license #6297) patch uploaded by Gerald Schnabel

git-svn-id: 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
parent 998e6ba5
......@@ -9170,7 +9170,7 @@ static int post_handle_q931_message(struct pri *ctrl, struct q931_mh *mh, struct
q931_release_complete(ctrl, c, newcall_rel_comp_cause(c));
if (c->ourcallstate != Q931_CALL_STATE_OVERLAP_RECEIVING) {
if (strlen(c->keypad_digits)) {
ctrl->ev.digit.subcmds = &ctrl->subcmds;
ctrl-> = c->master_call;
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