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      Implement T316 to allow RESTART messages to be automatically retransmitted. · fffb7bab
      Richard Mudgett authored
      Q.931 defines the T316 timer to retransmit RESTART messages if a RESTART
      ACKNOWLEDGE message is not received before the timer expires.  Q.931
      defaults the time of T316 to 2 minutes with the default number of
      consecutive RESTART failures as two.
      * To support legacy behavior, the T316 timer is disabled by default.  It
      is also disabled because the user cannot configure it to disabled if it is
      * The N316 count is created to allow the number of RESTART attempts to be
      configurable.  Note you will need to recompile Asterisk to be able to
      configure N316.
      (issue ASTERISK-19608)
      (issue AST-815)
      (closes issue PRI-133)
      Reported by: Mike Boylan
      Tested by: rmudgett
      git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@2288 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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      Outgoing BRI calls fail when using Asterisk 1.8 with HA8, HB8, and B410P cards. · c5ec479b
      Richard Mudgett authored
      France Telecom brings layer 2 and layer 1 down on BRI lines when the line
      is idle.  When layer 1 goes down Asterisk cannot make outgoing calls and
      the HA8 and HB8 cards also get IRQ misses.
      The inability to make outgoing calls is because the line is in red alarm
      and Asterisk will not make calls over a line it considers unavailable.
      The IRQ misses for the HA8 and HB8 card are because the hardware is
      switching clock sources from the line which just brought layer 1 down to
      internal timing.
      There is a DAHDI option for the B410P card to not tell Asterisk that layer
      1 went down so Asterisk will allow outgoing calls: "modprobe wcb4xxp
      teignored=1".  There is a similar DAHDI option for the HA8 and HB8 cards:
      "modprobe wctdm24xxp bri_teignored=1".  Unfortunately that will not clear
      up the IRQ misses when the telco brings layer 1 down.
      * Add layer 2 persistence option to customize the layer 2 behavior on BRI
      PTMP lines.  The new option has three settings: 1) Use libpri default
      layer 2 setting.  2) Keep layer 2 up.  Bring layer 2 back up when the peer
      brings it down.  3) Leave layer 2 down when the peer brings it down.
      Layer 2 will be brought up as needed for outgoing calls.
      (issue AST-598)
      Reported by: Trey Blancher
      git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@2273 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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      Option needed for Q931_IE_TIME_DATE to be optional in CONNECT message. · 092811da
      Richard Mudgett authored
      The NEC SV8300 rejects the Q931_IE_TIME_DATE for Q.SIG.
      Add option to specify if and how much of the current time is put in
      * Send date/time ie never.
      * Send date/time ie date only.
      * Send date/time ie date and hour.
      * Send date/time ie date, hour, and minute.
      * Send date/time ie date, hour, minute, and second.
      * Send date/time ie default: Libpri will send date and hhmm only when in
      NT PTMP mode to support ISDN phones.
      (closes issue #19221)
      Reported by: kenner
      JIRA SWP-3396
      git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@2266 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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      Problems with ISDN MWI to phones. · 239f8186
      Richard Mudgett authored
      1) The "controlling user number" is always the number of the voice mail box
      which is identical with the subscriber number itself.  This number which
      is listed in the ISDN phone MWI menu cannot be called back to contact the
      voice mail box.  The controlling user number should be made configurable.
      2) The MWI indication is not restricted to a user (broadcast facility with
      dummy call reference).  A called party IE should be added to address only
      the relevant MSN.  (ETSI 300-196 Section
      JIRA ABE-2738
      JIRA SWP-2846
      git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@2262 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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      Add display ie text handling options. · ed0d76d5
      Richard Mudgett authored
      The display ie handling can be controlled independently in the send and
      receive directions with the following options:
      * Block display text data.
      * Use display text in SETUP/CONNECT messages for name.
      * Use display text for COLP name updates (FACILITY/NOTIFY as appropriate).
      * Pass arbitrary display text during a call.  Sent in INFORMATION
      messages.  Received from any message that the display text was not used as
      a name.
      If the display options are not set then the options default to legacy
      git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@2190 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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      Add Call Completion Suppplementary Service · 6829faae
      Richard Mudgett authored
      Call Completion Supplementary Service (CCSS) added for the following 
      switch types: ETSI PTMP, ETSI PTP, Q.SIG.  
      ETS 300 359 CCBS for PTMP and PTP
      ETS 301 065 CCNR for PTMP and PTP
      ECMA-186 Call Completion for Q.SIG
      Several support services were added to support CC:
      Dummy Call Reference.
      Q.931 REGISTER message.
      Dynamic expansion of the number of available timers (up to 8192).
      Enhanced facility message handling.
      Current implementation limitations preclude the following:
      CC service retention is not supported.
      Q.SIG path reservation is not supported.
      (closes issue #14292)
      Reported by: tomaso
      Tested by: rmudgett
      JIRA SWP-1493
      Review:	https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/522/
      git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@1714 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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      Reimplement callback mechanism to handle APDU response messages that we care about. · b698032e
      Richard Mudgett authored
      1) No sent messages will remain in the APDU queue unless they have an
      active timer to remove them.  The dummy call reference call and global
      call reference call structures will not act like a memory leak to sent
      2) The new T-RESPONSE timer will be the generic response guard if the
      standards do not otherwise specify a timer for a message response.
      3) The callback will be called.  If it is called because of a response
      message, then the callback has an opportunity to indicate if more
      responses are expected.
      git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@1322 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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      Add BRI PTMP NT mode, HOLD/RETRIEVE, Call rerouting/deflection, and keypad facility support. · a2dcb6ad
      Richard Mudgett authored
      * Added support for BRI PTMP NT mode.  (Overlap dialing NT -> TE not supported.)
      * Added handling of received HOLD/RETRIEVE messages and the optional ability
        to transfer a held call on disconnect similar to an analog phone.
      * Added CallRerouting/CallDeflection support for Q.SIG, ETSI PTP, ETSI PTMP.
        Will reroute/deflect an outgoing call when receive the message.
        Can use the DAHDISendCallreroutingFacility to send the message for the
        supported switches.
      * Added ability to send/receive keypad digits in the SETUP message.
        Send keypad digits in SETUP message: Dial(DAHDI/g1[/K<keypad_digits>][/extension])
        Access any received keypad digits in SETUP message by: ${CHANNEL(keypad_digits)}
      (closes issue #15048)
      Tested by: rmudgett, mattf
      git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@1242 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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      Add service maintenance message support · 18fa4716
      Jeff Peeler authored
      This adds support for two new message types: Service and Service Acknowledge.
      When a channel receives a service message it will either take the channel in
      or out of service and then send a service acknowledgment. Although not
      enforced here (enforced in chan_dahdi), the service messages are only supported
      with switch types 4ess/5ess. The required Asterisk changes will be coming next.
      (issue #3450)
      Reported by: cmaj
      git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libpri/branches/1.4@732 2fbb986a-6c06-0410-b554-c9c1f0a7f128
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