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    Omnibus libss7 update. · 40ba8eff
    Richard Mudgett authored
    Kaloyan Kovachev added additional cause codes, Transmission Medium
    Requirement setting and connected line to CPG messages + code cleanup.
    Big thanks to Kaloyan Kovachev for pushing to get this completed.
    Large patch that improves ISUP timers and Q.764 compatibility.
    (issue SS7-27)
    Reported by: adomjan
    Listing other issues that are either included or addressed by this patch.
    I am not going to investigate each one to see if they are complete or not
    at this time.
    (issue SS7-7)
    (issue SS7-21)
    (issue SS7-28)
    (issue SS7-33)
    (issue SS7-36)
    (issue SS7-38)
    (issue SS7-39)
    (issue SS7-40)
    (issue SS7-42)
    (issue SS7-43)
    (issue SS7-45)
    (issue SS7-46)
    (issue SS7-47)
    (issue SS7-48)
    (issue SS7-49)
    (issue SS7-51)
    (issue SS7-52)
    (issue SS7-53)
    (issue SS7-54)
    Review: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1653/
    git-svn-id: https://origsvn.digium.com/svn/libss7/trunk@312 284bc105-fd19-0410-aa88-94cd1a20766c