Commit cbab33a6 authored by Bernd Zeimetz's avatar Bernd Zeimetz

* New upstream Release.

  - The new upstream release closes: #499531
parent 791eb1fe
pgbouncer (1.2.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
[ Fernando Ike de Oliveira ]
* New upstream Release (Closes: #499531).
* New upstream Release.
* Change listen port to 5433.
* Added fields Enhances and Conflicts.
[ Bernd Zeimetz ]
* Changes done by Fernando Ike de Oliveira, but without a proper
changelog entry:
- The new upstream release closes: #499531
- debian/control: Depend on postgresql-common to make sure the postgres
user exists (Closes: #499521).
- Fixed init script, not using -n option anymore (Closes: #499522)
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