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    * New upstream Release (Closes: #499531). · 7fba6e8f
    Bernd Zeimetz authored
    * Changes done by Fernando Ike de Oliveira, but without a proper
      changelog entry:
      - debian/control: Depend on postgresql-common to make sure the postgres
        user exists (Closes: #499521).
      - Fixed init script, not using -n option anymore (Closes: #499522)
    * Adding myself to Uploaders.
    * The following changes are a general cleanup of the package,
      unfortunately these things were never detected by the former
      sponsor. Sorry Fernando, but I also have to revert some of your
      recent changes.
      - debian/control:
        * Fixing the long description, removing the copy of the short
          description from it and switch to a better indenting.
        * Removing extra blank lines.
        * Keeping Standards-Version on 3.7.3 as the patch system is not
          documented yet.
        * pgbouncer supports PostgreSQL versions 7.4 and higher, changing the
          Enhances field accordingly.
        * Dropping Conflicts field again. It's not a problem to install
          pgpool/pgpool2 on the same machine with pgbouncer.
        * Lowering the Dependency on lsb-base, 3.1 is enough to support
          the new init script.
      - debian/rules:
        * Don't gzip examples manually, dh_compress will handle it according to
          the policy.
        * Dropping DEB_INSTALL_MANPAGES_pgbouncer definition, upstream installs
          the manpages into the right place.
        * Don't include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/utils.mk and
          /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/buildcore.mk, cdbs takes care of that.
        * DEB_UPDATE_RCD_PARAMS: pgbouncer should start *after* PostgreSQL and
          needs to stop before it. Changing to 'defaults 20 18' therefore.
        * Don't install pgbouncer.ini.examples in the doc directory, use
          dh_installexamples to install into the examples directory instead.
      - debian/pgbouncer.8:
        * Dropping file, upstream provides a manpage.
      - debian/init:
        * renaming debian/init.d to debian/init - that's the filename
          dh_installinit takes care of.
        * Respect the setting of 'START' in /etc/default/pgbouncer. The option
          was ignored completely.
      - debian/install:
        * Renamed from pgbouncer.install.
        * Don't install an example userlist to /etc. File will be touched in
          debian/rules. Install it as example instead.
      - debian/examples:
        * Adding file, installing ini-file and userlist example.
      - debian/config.patch, debian/patches/default-port.dpatch:
        * Changing default port to 6432 as upstream's default conflicts with
          X11. 5433 is also a bad choice as postgres instances may use
          this port dynamically.
      - debian/patches/fix_pgbouncer.5.dpatch:
        * Renamed from debian/patches/01_configtxt to make the patch target
          more obvious.
      - debian/patches/00list:
        * Updated accordingly.
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