Commit 39d82799 authored by Didier Raboud's avatar Didier Raboud

Update the models list in the package description

Used the following command line to create the ordered list:

 grep -h '^*ModelName' ppd/* | \
 sed -e 's/.*ModelName\: \"//g;s/\"$//g;s/Eastman Kodak Company //g;s/Kodak //g;s/KODAK //g;' | \
 sort -u | sed -e 's/^/ /g;s/$/,/g'
parent d1c5ac79
......@@ -19,15 +19,26 @@ Replaces: c2esp (<< 19-2~)
Description: printer driver for Kodak ESP AiO color inkjet Series
The c2esp driver is an open source driver for the Kodak ESP AiO and HERO
AiO color inkjet printers series. It is likely to work on the
ESP 2100 Series AiO,
5100 AiO,
5300 AiO,
5500 AiO,
ESP 1.2 AiO,
ESP 2.2 AiO,
ESP 3200 Series AiO,
ESP 3.2 AiO,
ESP 3 AiO,
ESP 4.2 AiO,
ESP 5200 Series AiO,
ESP 5500 Series AiO,
ESP 6100 Series AiO,
ESP 5 AiO,
ESP 7200 Series AiO,
ESP 7 AiO,
ESP 9200 Series AiO,
ESP C100 Series AiO.
ESP 9 AiO,
ESP C100 Series AiO,
ESP C110 Series AiO,
ESP C310 Series AiO,
ESP Office 4100 Series AiO,
ESP Office 6100 Series AiO,
HERO 3.1 AiO,
HERO 5.1 AiO,
HERO 6.1 AiO,
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