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Title: DebConf19 closes in Curitiba and DebConf20 dates announced
Date: 2019-07-27 23:40
Tags: debconf19, announce, debconf20, debconf
Slug: debconf19-closes
Author: Laura Arjona Reina
Artist: Aigars Mahinovs
Status: draft
[![DebConf19 group photo - click to enlarge](|filename|/images/Debconf19_group_small.jpg)](
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Today, Saturday 27 July 2019, the annual Debian Developers
and Contributors Conference came to a close.
With over 380 people attending from all over the world,
and FIXME events including FIXME talks, FIXME discussion sessions or BoFs,
FIXME workshops and FIXME other activities,
[DebConf19]( has been hailed as a success.
Highlights included DebCamp with more than FIXME participants,
the [Open Day](,
where events of interest to a broader audience were offered,
plenaries like the traditional Bits from the DPL,
lightning talks and live demos
and the announcement of next year's DebConf ([DebConf20]( in Haifa, Israel).
The [schedule](
has been updated every day, including ad-hoc new activities, planned
by attendees during the whole conference.
For those not able to attend, most talks and sessions were recorded and live streamed,
and videos are being made available at the
[Debian meetings archive website](
Many sessions also facilitated remote participation via IRC or a collaborative text document.
The [DebConf19]( website
will remain active for archive purposes, and will continue to offer
links to the presentations and videos of talks and events.
Next year, [DebConf20]( will be held in Haifa, Israel, from
For the days before DebConf the local organisers will again set up DebCamp
a session for some intense work on improving the distribution,
and organise the Open Day on FIXME_DATES, open to the general public.
DebConf is committed to a safe and welcome environment for all participants.
During the conference, several teams (Front Desk, Welcome team and Anti-Harassment team)
have been available to help so both on-site and remote participants get their best experience
in the conference, and find solutions to any issue that may arise.
See the [web page about the Code of Conduct in DebConf19 website](
for more details on this.
Debian thanks the commitment of numerous [sponsors](
to support DebConf19, particularly our Platinum Sponsors:
and [**Lenovo**](
### About Debian
The Debian Project was founded in 1993 by Ian Murdock to be a truly
free community project. Since then the project has grown to be one of
the largest and most influential open source projects. Thousands of
volunteers from all over the world work together to create and
maintain Debian software. Available in 70 languages, and
supporting a huge range of computer types, Debian calls itself the
_universal operating system_.
### About DebConf
DebConf is the Debian Project's developer conference. In addition to a
full schedule of technical, social and policy talks, DebConf provides an
opportunity for developers, contributors and other interested people to
meet in person and work together more closely. It has taken place
annually since 2000 in locations as varied as Scotland, Argentina, and
Bosnia and Herzegovina. More information about DebConf is available from
### About Infomaniak
### About Google
### About Lenovo
### Contact Information
For further information, please visit the DebConf19 web page at
or send mail to <>.
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