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add paragraphs about Platinum sponsors, taken from the previous blog posts about their sponsorship

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......@@ -90,10 +90,33 @@ Bosnia and Herzegovina. More information about DebConf is available from
### About Infomaniak
[**Infomaniak**]( is Switzerland's largest web-hosting company,
also offering backup and storage services, solutions for event organizers,
live-streaming and video on demand services.
It wholly owns its datacenters and all elements critical
to the functioning of the services and products provided by the company
(both software and hardware).
### About Google
[**Google**]( is one of the largest technology companies in the
world, providing a wide range of Internet-related services and products
as online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.
Google has been supporting Debian by sponsoring DebConf since more than
ten years, and is also a Debian partner sponsoring parts
of [Salsa]('s continuous integration infrastructure
within Google Cloud Platform.
### About Lenovo
[**Lenovo**]( is a global technology leader manufacturing a wide portfolio of connected
products, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and workstations as well as AR/VR
devices, smart home/office solutions and data center solutions.
### Contact Information
For further information, please visit the DebConf19 web page at
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