Commit 572ca34d authored by Ana Guerrero López's avatar Ana Guerrero López Committed by Ana Guerrero López

Remove red from author and artists names

This is to avoid confusion with links
parent 760e0f3f
......@@ -4,15 +4,15 @@ with tags {% for tag in article.tags %}<a href="{{ SITEURL }}/{{ tag.url }}">{{
{% endif %}
{% if %}
Written by <span style="color:#C70038"> {{ }}</span><br/>
Written by <strong>{{ }}</strong><br/>
{% endif %}
{% if article.translator %}
Translated by <span style="color:#C70038">{{ article.translator }}</span><br/>
Translated by <strong>{{ article.translator }}</strong><br/>
{% endif %}
{% if article.artist %}
Artwork by <span style="color:#C70038">{{ article.artist }}</span><br/>
Artwork by <strong>{{ article.artist }}</strong><br/>
{% endif %}
{% import 'translations.html' as translations with context %}
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