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[![DebConf19 group photo - click to enlarge](|filename|/images/Debconf19_group_small.jpg)](
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Today, Saturday 27 July 2019, the annual Debian Developers
and Contributors Conference came to a close.
With over 380 people attending from all over the world,
and FIXME events including FIXME talks, FIXME discussion sessions or BoFs,
FIXME workshops and FIXME other activities,
With over 380 people attending from 50 different countries,
and 145 events including talks, discussion sessions or BoFs,
workshops and other activities,
[DebConf19]( has been hailed as a success.
Highlights included DebCamp with more than FIXME participants,
the [Open Day](,
where events of interest to a broader audience were offered,
plenaries like the traditional Bits from the DPL,
The conference was preceded by DebCamp (14 July to 19 July) focused on individual work and team sprints for in-person collaboration developing Debian and also hosting a 3-day workshop where new contributors got started to work on Debian packaging.
The [Open Day](
was held on July 20, with over 250 attendees enjoying presentations and workshops of interest to a wide audience.
The main conference started on Sunday 21 July 2019.
Together with plenaries like the traditional Bits from the DPL,
lightning talks and live demos
and the announcement of next year's DebConf ([DebConf20]( in Haifa, Israel).
and the announcement of next year's DebConf ([DebConf20]( in Haifa, Israel), there have been
several sessions related to the recent release of Debian 10 buster and some of its new features, news updates about several projects or teams within Debian as the Long Term Support, Reproducible builds, Debian Live, Cloud Team and others, discussion sessions (BoF's) of language teams (Go, Python, Ruby, Perl) or ports like the ARM ports or RISC-V, and many other events of interest about Debian and free software in general.
The [schedule](
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