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    (PDB-3077) Upgrade to lein-ezbake 1.1.2, fix Debian startup problems · e6b27fdb
    Jeremy Barlow authored
    This commit upgrades the lein-ezbake dependency from 1.0.0 to 1.1.2.
    This is needed to fix problems with the PuppetDB service not starting
    properly on Debian-based platforms due to a permissions issue around the
    use of the service rundir.  The rundir problem was previously introduced
    by the bump to lein-ezbake 1.0.0.
    In the newer ezbake release, subcommands run with a umask of 027.  This
    commit includes a couple of explicit chmod calls in the migration and
    ssl-setup subcommands which ensure that any modified config files are
    still world-readable.  World-readability is required for these files in
    order for the puppetdb service, running as user puppetdb, to be able to
    still read the config files, which are owned by root:root.
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