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    (PDB-2983) Hide rejected execution exceptions. · 283a7657
    Dan Lidral-Porter authored
    Because PuppetDB's command-processing threadpools are unbounded, the
    only reason that they would throw a RejectedExecutionException is
    because they're shutting down or have shut down, which means that
    PuppetDB is shutting down. Commands that are rejected are retried when
    PuppetDB next starts up, so there's no action the user needs to take in
    order to prevent loss of data. Therefore, there's no reason to show the
    user the exceptions that arise when the threadpool throws
    a RejectedExecutionException. To that end, swallow slingshot exceptions
    with kind `:puppetlabs.puppetdb.threadpool/rejected` in the thread
    started by `puppetdb.mq-listener/message-listener-service`'s TK start
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