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    Merge branch 'stable' · 58b1706c
    Ken Barber authored
    * stable:
      (PDB-2251) Document unchanged resources for PE 2015.3.0 (Ankeny)
      Revert "Revert "(maint) default statement cache size to 0""
      (PDB-156) Word wrap configure.markdown
      (PDB-156) Switched max-command-size from MB to bytes
      (maint) Update Debian 7,8 and Centos 7, Ubuntu 14.04 ami's from latest packer builds
      (PDB-156) Add command size logging, add max command config
      (maint) Upgrade to ActiveMQ 5.13.0
      (PDB-2246) Add trivial system info to Jenkins log
      (PDB-156) Fail gracefully when commands are too large
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