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    (QENG-2198) Move PuppetDB acceptance over to vmpooler. · 155d1e3f
    Wayne authored
    * Add sqa-utils gem.
    * Rewrite `acceptance/setup/pre_suite/80_add_dev_repo.rb` to use
      `install_puppetlabs_dev_repo` instead of the special stuff it was doing.
    * Add logic to `ext/jenkins/beaker-tests.sh` that will allow PR and merge tests
      to run without making changes to ci-job-configs for vmpooler (those changes
      are coming though!)
    * In `ext/jenkins/packaging.sh` provide `PUPPETDB_PACKAGE_BUILD_VERSION` instead
      of `PACKAGE_BUILD_VERSION` to avoid having to convert to that variable in
    * Remove S3 packaging/cleanup stuff.
    * Set default beaker type to `aio`. This isn't really necessary, but the test
      suite doesn't work with `foss`, at least not on stable branch.
    * BEAKER_CONFIG should take a filename. Same applies to BEAKER_OPTIONS. This
      change matches up with the way we treat variables of the same name in CI.
    (cherry picked from commit 1698d86ae521d769d67f6e179a0371b3388b3e2c)
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