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    PDB-307 Fix ruby-1.8.5 support for using bundler during rspec tests · 61e1fe7e
    Ken Barber authored
    Ruby 1.8.5 has some limitations in what it supports as far as gems go and
    since we have been attempting as part of PDB-307 to use bundler more often
    we have hit some problems.
    * nokogiri, the version that beaker expects is not supported
    * rake > 0.8.7 is also not supported
    This patch removes beaker as a dependency while we run the rspec tests. This
    will avoid pulling in lots of extra gems and hopefully speed up the whole
    thing anyway. I've also applied this to the travis tests to hopefully speed
    those up as well.
    There is also now a conditional to change the dependencies for `rake` when
    applied to a 1.8.5 ruby.
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarKen Barber <ken@bob.sh>
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