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    (PDB-3993) Add ./pdb, run-external-tests, run-normal-tests · cc3d3087
    Rob Browning authored
    Add an "external" test, ext/test/top-level-cli with some simple
    initial validation that the pdb uberjar behaves as expected.  Other
    tests should follow.
    Perhaps in the most general sense the external tests are just tests
    that evaluate things that are either best evaluated, or most easily
    evaluated from outside the "lein test" context, but they're also
    intended to be standalone tests that you can run directly:
    Add a ./pdb command to handle running puppetdb from an uberjar.  By
    default it looks for target/puppetdb.jar, but you can override that by
    setting PDB_JAR in the environment.
    Add ext/bin/run-external-tests to run all of the ext/test tests and
    report a failure count, and add ext/bin/run-normal-tests to run all of
    the "typical" tests while you retrieve a beverage.  Currently, that
    includes the core, integration, and external tests.
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