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    (PDB-3993) Add ./test-config; add pgver/pgbin/pgport opts · e44e9492
    Rob Browning authored
    Move test config handling to ext/bin/test-config, which allows you to
    --set, --get, or --reset (undo any previous --set-ting for the source
    tree) various test config values including the previously existing
    puppet and puppetserver integration test refs, and new pgport, pgver,
    and pgbin settings.
    The general idea is that tests can use test-config --get to determine
    what default value to use for these settings, which can be adjusted
    for the local source tree via --set.
    By default, try to detect the pgbin directory automatically, based on
    the pgver value, which also allows "test-config --get pgbin" to
    replace the previously travis-specific pgbin-from-spec command.
    Always require the pgport to be specified somehow, either via a
    --pgport argument to a given test, or for the whole tree via
    "test-config --set pgport PORT".
    Record the tree's default pgver in ext ext/test-conf/pgver-default.
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