Commit 0f7e1f29 authored by Nate Wolfe's avatar Nate Wolfe Committed by Ethan J. Brown

(MAINT) Don't tag as latest in Azure

Tagging as latest was accidentally added during a recent refactor.

We don't need to deal with "latest" in Azure for PuppetDB because the
latest tagging will happen during "make publish" after the tests pass,
which is currently only called by the Distelli/Pipelines CI.
parent b6d761af
......@@ -38,8 +38,7 @@ function Build-Container(
'--build-arg', "build_date=$build_date",
'--build-arg', "version=$Version",
'--file', "puppetdb/Dockerfile",
'--tag', "$Namespace/puppetdb:$Version",
'--tag', "$Namespace/puppetdb:latest"
'--tag', "$Namespace/puppetdb:$Version"
docker build $docker_args ..
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