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## 6.0.2
### Improvements
- **Improved PostgreSQL support.** PuppetDB is now compatible with PostgreSQL version 10 and later. [PDB-3857](
### Bug Fixes
- **(PE Only) PuppetDB no longer syncs reports that are older than the `report-ttl`, but have not yet been garbage collected.** PuppetDB would sync reports when it performed an initial garbage collection on startup, and then sync reports from its remote, which likely had not performed garbage collection as recently.
- **PuppetDB skips unnecessary work when ingesting commands.** PuppetDB wasn't pulling `producer-timestamp` out of the incoming query parameters for `submit` command requests. This caused PuppetDB to not have the necessary information to tombstone obsolete commands if multiple `store facts` or `store catalog` commands were submitted for the same `certname` while the earlier commands were still in the queue waiting to be processed.
- **Improved error handling for invalid or malformed timestamps.** If you passed an invalid or malformed timestamp in a PQL query, PuppetDB treated it as a `null`, giving back an unexpected query result.
- **PuppetDB no longer causes PostgreSQL to create large amounts of temporary files during garbage collection.** This issue caused PostgreSQL's log to flood if the `log_temp_files` option was set to a small enough value. [PDB-3924](
### Security
- We've blacklisted the jackson-databind dependency to resolve several security issues. [PDB-4236](
## 6.0.1
PuppetDB 6.0.1 is a new feature and bug-fix release.
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