Commit 20f415cf authored by Rob Browning's avatar Rob Browning

(PDB-3059) .travis.yml: require sudo to fix builds

Without this, the 'postgresql: "9.4"' setting fails:

  Starting PostgreSQL v9.4

  $ sudo service postgresql stop

   * Stopping PostgreSQL 9.1 database server
   * Stopping PostgreSQL 9.2 database server
   * Stopping PostgreSQL 9.3 database server
   * Stopping PostgreSQL 9.4 database server

  $ sudo service postgresql start 9.4

   * Starting PostgreSQL 9.4 database server

  $ sudo -u postgres createuser -s -p 5432 travis &>/dev/null

  $ sudo -u postgres createdb -O travis -p 5432 travis &>/dev/null

  $ sudo -u postgres createuser -s -p 5433 travis &>/dev/null

  $ sudo -u postgres createdb -O travis -p 5433 travis &>/dev/null

  This job is running on container-based infrastructure, which does not
  allow use of 'sudo', setuid and setguid executables.

  If you require sudo, add 'sudo: required' to your .travis.yml

  for details.

And the "hosts:" setting doesn't appear to take effect either.
parent 3ff6b504
language: clojure
lein: lein2
sudo: required
- openjdk7
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