Commit 3e1fd1bc authored by Wyatt Alt's avatar Wyatt Alt Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #2221 from mullr/maint/master/remove-terminus-install-step

(maint) Remove 'install-terminus-into' from integration tests
parents 8bfcc1a7 8b96f71f
......@@ -195,20 +195,6 @@
(map :file)
(defn install-terminus-into [puppet-dir]
;; various pieces of the terminus have to actually be inside of puppet itself to work
(let [base-dir "puppet"
base-uri (.toURI (io/file base-dir))
terminus-files (->> (fs/find-files base-dir #".*")
(filter #(.isFile %))
(map #(-> (.relativize base-uri (.toURI %))
(doseq [relative-path terminus-files]
(let [in (str base-dir "/" relative-path)
out (str puppet-dir "/" relative-path)]
(println "Copying puppetdb terminus file" in "to" out)
(fs/copy+ in out)))))
(defn puppet-server-config-with-name [node-name]
{:main {:certname "localhost"}
:agent {:server "localhost"}
......@@ -232,14 +218,20 @@
(let [puppetdb-conf (io/file "target/puppetserver/master-conf/puppetdb.conf")
puppet-conf (io/file "target/puppetserver/master-conf/puppet.conf")
{puppetserver-config-overrides :puppetserver
terminus-config-overrides :terminus} config-overrides]
terminus-config-overrides :terminus} config-overrides
env-dir "target/puppetserver/master-code/environments/production"]
(fs/copy-dir "test-resources/puppetserver/ssl" "./target/puppetserver/master-conf/ssl")
(-> puppet-conf .getParentFile .mkdirs)
(spit (.getAbsolutePath puppet-conf) "")
(ks/spit-ini puppet-conf (puppet-server-config-with-name node-name))
(fs/mkdirs "target/puppetserver/master-code/environments/production/modules")
(fs/mkdirs (str env-dir "/modules"))
;; copy our custom puppet functions into the code-dir, since puppet can't
;; find them in the ruby load path
(let [functions-dir (str env-dir "/lib/puppet/functions")]
(fs/mkdirs functions-dir)
(fs/copy-dir-into "puppet/lib/puppet/functions/" functions-dir))
(install-terminus-into (jruby-agent-dir))
(write-puppetdb-terminus-config pdb-servers puppetdb-conf terminus-config-overrides))
(let [services (tk-bootstrap/parse-bootstrap-config! dev-bootstrap-file)
......@@ -310,27 +302,28 @@
(assoc opts :certname certname)))
(defn run-puppet-node-deactivate [pdb-server certname-to-deactivate]
(install-terminus-into (mri-agent-dir))
(with-synchronized-command-processing pdb-server 1 tu/default-timeout-ms
(bundle-exec {}
"puppet" "node" "deactivate"
"--confdir" "target/puppetserver/master-conf"
"--color" "false"
"--vardir" "puppet"
(defn run-puppet-node-status [pdb-server certname]
(install-terminus-into (mri-agent-dir))
(bundle-exec {}
"puppet" "node" "status" certname
"--confdir" "target/puppetserver/master-conf"
"--color" "false"))
"--color" "false"
"--vardir" "puppet"))
(defn run-puppet-facts-find [puppet-server certname]
(let [{:keys [conf-dir]} (server-info puppet-server)]
(-> (bundle-exec {}
"puppet" "facts" "find" certname
"--confdir" conf-dir
"--terminus" "puppetdb")
"--terminus" "puppetdb"
"--vardir" "puppet")
......@@ -346,8 +339,6 @@
timeout tu/default-timeout-ms}
:as opts}]
(install-terminus-into (mri-agent-dir))
(let [agent-conf-dir (io/file "target/puppet-apply-conf")
manifest-file (fs/temp-file "manifest" ".pp")
puppet-conf-file (io/file (str agent-conf-dir "/puppet.conf"))]
......@@ -381,6 +372,7 @@
(apply bundle-exec env
"puppet" "apply" (.getCanonicalPath manifest-file)
"--confdir" (.getCanonicalPath agent-conf-dir)
"--vardir" "puppet"
(def date-formatter (tfmt/formatters :date-time))
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