Commit 49eb20ce authored by Ken Barber's avatar Ken Barber

Remove pinning against a git sha1 for beaker now ezbake helpers have been released

We can now release our pinning against the sha1 in beaker master, now that the
ezbake code has been released as a gem.
Signed-off-by: 's avatarKen Barber <>
parent 026edfda
......@@ -42,11 +42,7 @@ group :test do
group :acceptance do
#gem 'beaker', '~> 2.2'
# TODO: unpin when released:
gem 'beaker', :git => 'git://',
:branch => '34e5a2305b4beb0caf3bb58b6f308b59da160693'
gem 'beaker', '~> 2.4'
# This forces google-api-client to not download retirable 2.0.0 which lacks
# ruby 1.9.x support.
gem 'retriable', '~> 1.4'
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