Commit 5dada259 authored by Russell Mull's avatar Russell Mull

(maint) Remove unused terminus code and warning

Remove an obsolete implementation of shared terminus state and eliminate
the associated warning message printed on startup.
parent 8cb2982a
......@@ -10,18 +10,7 @@ module Puppet::Util::Puppetdb
class Http
SERVER_URL_FAIL_MSG = "Failing over to the next PuppetDB server_url in the 'server_urls' list"
if RUBY_PLATFORM == 'java'
@@last_good_query_server_url_index = com::puppetlabs::puppetserver::PuppetDBTerminusState.getSharedStateAtom()
@@last_good_query_server_url_index.compareAndSet(nil, 0)
rescue NameError
@@last_good_query_server_url_index =
Puppet.warning "Couldn't load the PuppetDB shared state component; please upgrade to a newer PuppetServer. " \
"Falling back to per-JRuby storage."
@@last_good_query_server_url_index =
@@last_good_query_server_url_index =
# Concat two server_url snippets, taking into account a trailing/leading slash to
# ensure a correct server_url is constructed
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