Commit d4f1a9fa authored by Iristyle's avatar Iristyle

(maint) Consume rspec tests in Azure Pipelines

 - Add the requisite gem to produce JUnit files
 - Rather than make changes to puppet_docker_tools, add the rspec
   configuration necessary to emit junit output
 - Add task calls to the Azure Pipeline to pick up tests
parent 958c226f
......@@ -62,6 +62,12 @@ steps:
Invoke-ContainerTest -Name puppetdb -Repository $ENV:BUILD_REPOSITORY
displayName: Test puppetdb
name: test_puppetdb
- task: PublishTestResults@2
displayName: Publish puppetdb test results
testResultsFormat: 'JUnit'
testResultsFiles: 'docker/**/TEST-*.xml'
testRunTitle: puppetdb Test Results
- powershell: |
. ./docker/ci/build.ps1
--format RspecJunitFormatter
--out TEST-rspec.xml
--format documentation
......@@ -11,3 +11,4 @@ def location_for(place, fake_version = nil)
gem 'puppet_docker_tools', *location_for(ENV['PUPPET_DOCKER_LOCATION'] || '~> 0.2')
gem 'rspec_junit_formatter'
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