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      (PDB-663) Convert PuppetDB to Ezbake build system · 39dc9b7b
      Ken Barber authored
      This significant patch introduces Ezbake to PuppetDB, providing all the
      required changes and some cleanups as well to make this possible:
      * Of note, the old system is still around, until we work out how to do source
        based installations of PuppetDB in this new world. This will be done as
        another piece of work separately.
      * CONTRIBUTING.md has been updated to the latest version from Puppet
      * ERRATA.md has been removed, we have a ticket tracker
      * Some changes we did on the old system:
       * Dependencies on latest Puppet & Facter have been changed in older system
       * Pathing updated to reflect closer to ezbake
      * Debian 6 & Ubuntu 10.04 have been retired. We made this decision due to the
        reluctance to transfer the java lookup code in /etc/default/puppetdb into
        ezbake. Since this code is required to support Oracle JDK installation of
        Java 7, retirement was inevitable. Since these versions of the distros are
        nearly end of life anyway, we gave our users a stepping stone, by providing
        this in the first place, we feel this was an okay move.
      * All beaker tests have been modified to work in an ezbake world.
      * We've decided to use the nrepl trapperkeeper service now, to avoid conflicts
        and to finally shed that old code. We have updated the code and documentation
        to reflect this, and we provide a warning if users use the old [repl] block.
        Instead users must define the [nrepl] block, and it is no longer possible to
        choose a `type` of repl service.
      * The package `puppetdb-terminus` is now called `puppetdb-terminii` and we've
        changed the references in code and docs to use this now. A module change will
        be required at some point, but this work is separate.
      * Beaker tests are now in a script shipped with the project for Jenkins to use.
      * Binaries are now installed in /usr/bin instead of /usr/sbin as per the ezbake
      * Lots of template files were transferred into resource/ext, this is what ezbake
      * Documentation has moved inside /usr/share/puppetdb/docs to a new location
        depending on the distribution. This is to follow the ezbake standards.
      * project.clj was updated to make ezbake work, and to fix some warnings from lein
      * A lot of softlinks were removed from /usr/share/puppetdb, that were pointing
        at the /var/lib/puppetdb & /etc/puppetdb/ spaces, I believe this was a partially
        completed migration from the past. The module for example had to be updated, so
        only the puppetdb module 4.1.0 will even work once we ship this.
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarKen Barber <ken@bob.sh>
  4. 18 Feb, 2014 1 commit
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      PDB-308 Drop 2.7.x support · 40c42e30
      Ken Barber authored
      This patch removes support for Puppet 2.7.x in several ways:
      * New check for every entry point in terminus will return an error if the
        version of Puppet is not supported. This is done in a 'soft' manner to
        avoid Puppet from not working.
      * Documentation now only references Puppet 3
      * Documentation now states only latest version of Puppet is supported
      * Packaging now has hard dependencies on the latest version of Puppet
      * Contrib gemspec has been updated
      * Gemfile for tests have been updated
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarKen Barber <ken@bob.sh>
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      (#23422) Use JSON in terminus instead of PSON · 660522fe
      Erik Dalén authored
      The PuppetDB API specifies that it is JSON, so we should parse it as
      that and not as PSON.
      Some Puppet classes (Puppet::Node and Puppet::Node::Facts) don't support
      JSON serialization, so continue to use PSON serialization for them.
      In Puppet 3.4.0+ they have methods to do seralization in other formats
      than PSON though, so once support for older versions of Puppet is
      dropped they can be seralized in JSON as well.
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