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    (PDB-2234) Upgrade our metrics-clojure dependency from `0.7.0`->`2.6.0` · 34502026
    Andrew Roetker authored
    This commit updates our metrics-clojure dependency from `0.7.0` to
    `2.6.0` which uses the dropwizard java metrics library. This update
    means that we register our metrics with a metrics registry, which is the
    object we will need in order to register HikariCP metrics. This commit
    does just enough to upgrade and does not refactor our metrics code.
    Notable future changes that should be done in a follow-up patch, would
    be to register all our metrics on start up, and have functions which use
    those metrics, fetch the metric object from the registry rather than
    storing the metric object in the atoms we have today as well as the
    This commits also adds an explicit registering of the MetricsRegistry
    with the JMXReporter from Dropwizard metrics, required by their API in
    the newest version. We start the reporting during the trapperkeeper init
    phase and stop the reporting during the trapperkeeper stop phase.
    This commit also cleans up the `puppetlabs.puppetdb.metrics.core`
    namespace, to separate concerns with the http handlers which use the
    namespace in `puppetlabs.puppetdb.metrics`. This allows us to keep the
    `metrics-registry` and `jmx-metrics-reporter` objects in a sane
    location, i.e. no cyclic dependencies between the middleware and metrics
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