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    (PDB-2640) Add support for gzip-compressing commands via terminus · 33c63ffc
    Jeremy Barlow authored
    This commit adds support for gzip-compressing commands which the
    PuppetDB terminus sends out.  When stockpile persists the commands to
    disk, it stores the gzipped json bytes with a .json.gz file extension.
    Command payloads are decompressed and parsed from JSON when processed
    back out of the queue.
    The terminus does not gzip-compress the command content itself.
    Instead, to minimize memory usage somewhat and realize a bit better
    performance, it passes through its intent for the implementation
    upstream from the Puppet::Network::HttpPool.http_instance to perform
    the gzip compression.  Corresponding work in Puppet Server and its
    upstream clj-http-client library enables the payload to be compressed.
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