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Merge branch 'master' into intersphinx-fuller-id

parents a0e36dd4 05c5eab2
......@@ -16,3 +16,21 @@ script: tox -e $TOX_ENV
email: false
# Do an automatic PyPi release when a tag is created.
# Make sure builds are triggered for any push so that the tag push will also
# trigger a build.
provider: pypi
# twistedchecker-robot is associated with adi.roiban email address from
# Gmail. It uses a random password which was not recorded in plain text.
user: twistedchecker-robot
secure: D8Jlbsm8sN1Nz11SgFI7HRxjx0/gLDl66RB101nrhP4Bs4tzK2s9duu7P6nGRIupX5r5czRpSyhPrPQjci3UhcxZf5OTTCd5pamGBd7dv32Usr2aXWhvIfulX+i7jtbOBiWQT7JhxjSjlvyZLW0kka3eClQaD+D4iI64zaBn7y0=
tags: true
# All branches is still required.
all_branches: true
condition: "$TOX_ENV = test-py27-codecov-travis"
......@@ -58,3 +58,14 @@ It can link to external API documentation using Sphinx objects inventory using
the following cumulative configuration option::
Releasing a new package
Releasing a new version is done via Travis-CI.
First commit the version update to master and wait for tests to pass.
Create a tag on local branch and then push it::
git tag 1.2.3
git push --tags
; Coverage is always reported at the end of test run.
; There is a dedicated hidden environment for publishing the coverage report
; to the service.
envlist =
......@@ -29,7 +34,9 @@ commands =
test: coverage run --source pydoctor --omit pydoctor/test/* --branch {envdir}/bin/nosetests pydoctor
test: coverage report -m
; Hidden env for pusblishing coverage reports from Travis to
codecov-travis: coverage xml -o coverage.xml -i
codecov-travis: codecov
; Custom pyflakes run to exlcude test files.
pyflakes: /bin/sh -c "find pydoctor/ -name \*.py ! -path '*/testpackages/*' | xargs pyflakes"
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