Commit be04d54b authored by Adi Roiban's avatar Adi Roiban

Update secret.

parent fb5b3d4a
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ deploy:
# Gmail. It uses a random password which was not recorded in plain text.
user: twistedchecker-robot
secure: VS3uq3pdprwQUQmMFlS0ieXTX7UKvNjAQi/6CXfxqcJVlExVojsiSwOIgE76r74TuLRKDzlYD+G6dGkvaRmlfV2GVMhChUCN71Y0QtFPB68M9MuFyf/ICHb0zhs2f53/86m+ThphCOQwnOYxDeramR4TAsQR95buDO2Ko590vnQ=
secure: D8Jlbsm8sN1Nz11SgFI7HRxjx0/gLDl66RB101nrhP4Bs4tzK2s9duu7P6nGRIupX5r5czRpSyhPrPQjci3UhcxZf5OTTCd5pamGBd7dv32Usr2aXWhvIfulX+i7jtbOBiWQT7JhxjSjlvyZLW0kka3eClQaD+D4iI64zaBn7y0=
tags: true
# All branches is still required.
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