Commit dd303dfa authored by jcfp's avatar jcfp

rules: make get-orig-source target use m-s branch

parent a41b87a1
......@@ -59,10 +59,13 @@ get-orig-source:
gunzip $(DEB_SRC)_$(UPS_VER).orig.tar.gz
mv $(DEB_SRC)_$(UPS_VER).orig.tar $(DEB_SRC)_$(UPS_VER)$(DEB_TAG).orig.tar
# download the missing source files from cvs
svn export --non-interactive svn:// $(CURDIR)/$(UPS_DIR)
wget --no-clobber
tar -xf sabnzbdplus-missing-sources.tar
mkdir -p $(CURDIR)/$(UPS_DIR)
mv $(CURDIR)/sabnzbdplus-missing-sources/missing-sources/* $(CURDIR)/$(UPS_DIR)
# merge missing sources into upstream tarball and create new orig.tar.gz
tar --append --owner=root --group=root --mode=a+rX --file $(DEB_SRC)_$(UPS_VER)$(DEB_TAG).orig.tar $(UPS_DIR)
rm -f $(DEB_SRC)_$(UPS_VER)$(DEB_TAG).orig.tar.gz
gzip --best $(DEB_SRC)_$(UPS_VER)$(DEB_TAG).orig.tar
# cleanup leftovers
rm -rf $(UPS_DIR)
rm -rf $(CURDIR)/sabnzbdplus-missing-sources/ sabnzbdplus-missing-sources.tar $(UPS_DIR)
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