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This package contains the implementation of the ``patiencediff`` algorithm, as
`first described <>`_ by Bram Cohen.
Like Python's ``difflib``, this module provides both a convience ``unified_diff``
function for the generation of unified diffs of text files
as well as a SequenceMatcher that can be used on arbitrary lists.
Patiencediff provides a good balance of performance, nice output for humans,
and implementation simplicity.
The code in this package was extracted from the `Bazaar <>`_
code base.
The package comes with two implementations:
* A Python implementation (; this implementation only
requires a Python interpreter and is the more readable version of the two
* A C implementation implementation (_patiencediff_c.c); this implementation
is faster, but requires a C compiler and is less readable
To invoke patiencediff from the command-line::
python -m patiencediff file_a file_b
Or from Python:
>>> import patiencediff
>>> print ''.join(patiencediff.unified_diff(
... ['a\n', 'b\n', 'b\n', 'c\n'],
... ['a\n', 'c\n', 'b\n']))
@@ -1,4 +1,3 @@
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