Building pysvn Extension


To build pysvn you will require:

Some distributions will split python and subversion into more the one package.

You will need to find all the packages that give you the options listed above.

Building on win32

These instructions assume you have Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 to compile the code and INNO 4.0.10 to create the installation kit.

Note: You must build with MSVC 6.0 as python 2.3 and earlier was built with that version.

Note: You must build with MSVC 2003.NET for python 2.4, Python 2.5 or later.

  1. build subversion (tested with SVN 1.3.2 and svn 1.4.0)
  2. fetch and expand the pysvn source code into extdir
  3. Expand pycxx-5.3.6.tar.gz into extdir\Import if not using a source kit
  4. edit Builder\builder_custom_init.cmd to match the locations of the sources.
  5. cd Builder
  6. builder_custom_init.cmd
  7. nmake -f win32.mak build

To install the built kit

  1. Uninstall any previous kit (control panel's Add/Remove programs)
  2. nmake -f win32.mak install

Building on unix and Mac OS X systems.

  1. Install subversion
  2. get the pysvn source code
  3. tar xzf pycxx-5.3.6.tar.gz into extdir/Import if not using a source kit
  4. cd Source
  5. Create the Makefile using python configure
  6. make
  7. cd Tests
  8. Test pysvn by running make

Install pysvn by copying the following from Extension/Source to python site-specific directory.