Commit 35567964 authored by Dmitry Shachnev's avatar Dmitry Shachnev 🐧

Drop unused Lintian overrides.

parent 37f32597
# As per Policy 10.7.4:
docutils-common: conflicts-with-version python-docutils (<< 0.7-3~)
# As per policy 6.6, dpkg cannot replace a directory (shipped in
# python-docutils << 0.7-3) with a symlink to directory (shipped in
# docutils-doc).
docutils-doc: conflicts-with-version python-docutils (<< 0.7-3~)
# We want HISTORY.txt (which is the file changelog symlinks to) uncompresed, so
# that source for HISTORY.html is easily viewable within a browser.
docutils-doc: changelog-file-not-compressed changelog
# Even deconfigured python-docutils (<< 0.7-3~) would prevent correct installation of alternatives:
python3-docutils: conflicts-with-version python-docutils (<< 0.7-3~)
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