Commit 78498984 authored by Luke Faraone's avatar Luke Faraone

Fix per morph

parent e489f741
......@@ -15,6 +15,5 @@ SVN_REVISION := $(shell echo $(SRC_VERSION) | sed 's/.\..\..~bzr//' )
.PHONY: get-orig-source
mkdir -p ../tarballs/
rm -rf ../tarballs/$(TARBALL) ../tarballs/$(TARBALL).cdbs-config_list
bzr export -r $(SVN_REVISION) ../tarballs/$(TARBALL) $(BRANCH_LOC)
rm -rf $(TARBALL) $(TARBALL).cdbs-config_list
bzr export -r $(SVN_REVISION) $(TARBALL) $(BRANCH_LOC)
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